Salamina: A 66-year-old man was arrested for chopping a cat


The arrest of a 66-year-old local man after a complaint that he was wandering around a table in a store in Salamina holding a dead cat in his hand, which he then dismembered, was proceeded by officials of the relevant Port Authority.

The port authorities located the 66-year-old and the dead animal and repeatedly asked him to calmly follow them, but he refused to cooperate, resisted and tried to escape by car.

The port authorities immobilized the 66-year-old while during a control of his vehicle, they found the existence of another dead animal.

The detainee is accused of violating the articles of the penal code “New framework for the welfare of pets”, as well as the law on weapons.

The dead animals were handed over to the competent Veterinary Service, for expertise.

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