Russian media for Ukraine: Waiting in line … Turkey ahead of Macedonia


“Another problem is the tail. Now there are 5 countries there. “For example, Turkey has been waiting for 23 years and Northern Macedonia for 17 years.” The Russian channel also quoted a relevant … graph.

The historic European decision to grant EU accession status to Ukraine and Moldova mock the Russian media.

“Granting them the right to join the EU is possible only if conditions such as the elimination of corruption and the guarantee of basic human rights are met.” reports Sputnik.

“Another problem is the tail. Now there are 5 countries there. For example, Turkey waits 23 years and Northern Macedonia 17 years. “Which of these countries will decide to step aside for the sake of the European future of the ‘new democracies’?” asks the Russian channel, quoting a relevant … graph in the Telegram.

He recalled that Georgia remained a candidate for statehood, as its accession perspective was simply approved. Sputnik attributes the decision by European leaders to the Georgian government’s stance on sanctions.

“Let us just remember that Tbilisi has in the past refused to impose sanctions on Russia, with the government saying it is acting in the interest of its country.” is jokingly emphasized.

The future of Ukraine lies within the EU, however, stressed the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.


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