Italian woman complains to Tik Tok: “I was offered a full-time job as a saleswoman for 280 euros a month”


In the last few hours, a short video has been “viral” in Italy, which was posted on the internet by a young girl, Francesca, to reveal that she was offered a full-time job as a saleswoman, for 280 euros a month.

Francesca lives in Naples, she is 22 years old and she told this whole story through “TikTok”. The owner of the store, always via the internet, was asked to work about 10 hours a day and on Saturdays to have a continuous schedule.

When the girl refused the job, the owner of the commercial company wrote that “it is true, after all, that today’s young people have no appetite for work”.

Francesca’s response was shocking: “It is not so, you are the ones who want to work, earning only 70 euros a week. “I do not think that you would ever do that, nor that you would send your children to such a job, because with this amount, you do not even cover your basic expenses”, the 22-year-old underlined.

Her answer, like the relevant video, is projected by all the major Italian media in the country because -as it is emphasized- it again raises the big issue of the well-paid employment of young people, and not only.

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