Indonesia: She saw after 10 months of marriage that her husband was a woman


Unbelievable but true but 22 years old in Indonesia realized after 10 months of marriage that he actually married a woman.

Incredible story on Indonesia with 22 year old who discovered after 10 months wedding how the man its is in fact woman!

According to the Daily Mail, the 22-year-old is suing her ex-partner, who also claimed to be a neurologist who graduated in New York.

The couple first met in an acquaintance application with the “husband” being introduced as Achnaf Arrafif, from the city of Jambi.

Shortly after they met and after they decided to become a couple, they lived together.

Throughout the cohabitation period he behaved impeccably. He even helped the 22-year-old to take care of her parents, who were ill at the time, so when he proposed to her a few weeks later, her parents quickly gave their consent.

Shortly after her marriage to Achnaf, the 22-year-old and her family began to notice strange things about the young man.

Initially she avoided complete sexual intercourse.

In addition, despite her pleas, Ahnaf never took her to his paternal home to meet his parents.

Second, he had a loose schedule, which did not really fit in with a doctor’s career.

Her mother had noticed that Ahnaf never took off his clothes in front of others, not even his wife, and that he bathed in his clothes when others were at home.

In fact, the 22-year-old was watching her husband’s breasts protrude.

When she asked him about it he told her he had a hormonal problem.

One day when he returned home and got ready to take a shower, the 22-year-old demanded to undress in front of her.

He took off his clothes, revealing what both the 22-year-old and her mother had suspected from one point onwards, that she was in fact a woman.

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