Boris Johnson – The Tories lost the election in Stropser – Their stronghold for almost 200 years


“A Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Humiliating Defeat”, “Shock Result”: British newspapers hailed the humiliating Boris Johnson by-election in Schropper, a nearly two-hundred-year-old Torres stronghold in central England. the nature of a referendum on the British Prime Minister.

He is facing the wrath of the majority MPs after a series of crises and scandals that gnaw at his prestige and power.

Voters allege Boris Johnson’s lack of dignity, said Liberal Democratic nominee Helen Morgan, who won 47% of the vote. “Our country is screaming in search of leadership. “Boris Johnson, you are not a leader.”

For the conservative Telegraph, the shock result is a humiliation for Boris Johnson. “The catastrophic collapse of support for the Conservatives (…) will terrify many Conservative MPs and threaten to raise questions about Johnson’s future,” warns The Guardian.

“The result is increasing pressure on the prime minister, who has already spent painful weeks in Westminster,” the Times wrote.

According to the Daily Mail, Boris Johnson is living a “pre-Christmas nightmare” and the election defeat reveals “a high level of public anger against the prime minister.”

“If the prime minister fails, then the prime minister leaves”

“North Shropser voters have resigned,” Conservative leader Oliver Dowden told SkyNews. “I think they wanted to send us a message and we heard it loud and clear.”

“It has to be seen as a referendum on the performance of the prime minister,” Conservative MP Roger Gale, a critic of Boris Johnson, told the BBC.

“The Conservative Party has a reputation for not holding prisoners. “If the prime minister fails, then the prime minister leaves.”

How the by-election took place

The by-election for North Shropser’s seat was sparked by the resignation of Conservative MP Owen Patterson, who was forced to resign over a conflict of interest case. To cover his MP and avoid resignation, Boris Johnson went on a rampage trying to amend the disciplinary rules. And that has added to a series of scandals and crises that have plagued the prime minister for weeks.

In addition, the British press published a photo of Boris Johnson hosting, surrounded by his associates, a Christmas quiz on Downing Street, showing persistent contempt for the restrictive measures, at a time when the government had called on the British to dramatically reduce contact.

The British also accuse him of organizing a party he organized on Downing Street on December 18, 2020, when they themselves had been deprived of any social event due to the pandemic. And the video that shows his associates joking about the “Christmas party” added fuel to the fire.

These scandals related to the restrictive measures affect its credibility at the very moment when it is in need of implementing a new series of measures. And they add to the allegations of corruption, which may pave the way for a Conservative motion of censure against Boris Johnson.

The British Prime Minister was recalled to the renovation of the Prime Minister’s residence on Downing Street and the Electoral Commission fined his party for failing to declare the total amount of private sponsorship it received to pay for the renovation work.

On Thursday, in another blow to his credibility, Boris Johnson faced a revolt by 98 Conservative MPs in the vote to introduce restrictive measures to tackle the epidemic and was forced to rely on Labor votes to win the vote. government measures.

Deep popular dissatisfaction

British voters often use by-elections to punish the ruling party. But the scale of the Liberal Democrats’ victory in Schropser shows deep popular resentment against the Johnson administration.

Boris Johnson maintains a strong parliamentary majority after his sweeping victory in the 2019 elections with the promise of “implementing Brexit”, which combined the traditional conservative votes with the votes of other political parties.

North Shropser was a strongly conservative pro-Brexit English rural district. Political analysts now believe that the heavy defeat will further undermine Boris Johnson’s prestige over his MPs, as many are already in an open “stand” against the restrictive measures.

The motion of censure needs the signatures of 54 Tory MPs. At the moment, analysts believe that the danger is not imminent, as many of his critics call on Boris Johnson to “improve”, but not yet “leave”.

Polls show that the Tories are now clearly behind the Labor Party. The next elections are scheduled for 2024.

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