Boris Johnson wants to help Ukraine with grain exports and mine clearance


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to help Ukraine clear the country’s southern coast. Additionally, he wants to think about offering insurance to ships that transport the country’s grain across the Black Sea for export.

Since the Russian invasion, southern Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea have been blocked. Virtually no grain can leave the country. As a result, 20 million tons (20 billion kilograms) of grain are now stored in Ukrainian silos and food prices are rising worldwide.

Turkey is trying to mediate between Russia and Ukraine with the help of the United Nations. They are trying to make export from Black Sea ports possible again. Moscow is putting an end to this and wants a number of Western sanctions against the country to be lifted first.

From Rwanda, where he is attending a meeting of Commonwealth leaders, Johnson told the news agency Reuters that the British are involved in the negotiations. “What we can mainly offer is knowledge in the area of ​​marine insurance and a lot of expertise in transporting goods through areas at sea that are, shall we say, controversial.”

The British can also help in the field of mine clearance, says the Prime Minister. “We are discussing with the Ukrainians on the technical side of mine clearance in Odessa,” Johnson said. Odessa is the largest Ukrainian city on the Black Sea.

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