Clarity on air travel is coming in spurts (and quite late)


Many holidaymakers still do not know whether their flight from Schiphol will take place soon. Even everyone who wants to leave in July does not yet have clarity. And there is certainly no certainty for the month of August. Indeed, Schiphol arrived late with the limitation of the number of travelers and the consequences for airlines and travel organizations are still only partially known. So they still have a riddle to solve.

“We assume that people who go on holiday in July will know where they are by next week at the latest. For holidays in August, it will be early July,” said Frank Oostdam, director of the travel agency ANVR, at .

Indeed, for this month, it is not yet known which airline must give up how many seats per day. For July, the busiest month, it is now clear and known to the parties concerned. But airlines and tour operators have yet to figure out how to put this into practice.

For example, flights may be moved to another location or time or be cancelled.

In July, 755,000 seats from Schiphol will be cancelled. “Some of them have been sold, some haven’t yet,” says Oostdam. It may even be that new trips are still selling out, while others are seeing their vacations go up in smoke.

It also matters who you booked with

Where you booked the trip also determines when you hear something. Travelers who have booked directly with Transavia already know where they stand, at least for flights until mid-August. But anyone who has booked a vacation through a travel agency and travels with Transavia is not always aware of this.

Tour operators who also have their own planes, such as Corendon and TUI, can assure customers that these flights will continue. Corendon was quick to shift flights to Rotterdam. “If people are flying from there, we also arrange round-trip transport for them,” says Steven van der Heijden, CEO of Corendon.

TUI has also moved its flights. But no one yet knows when all parties will know if and which flights should be canceled before August. “We don’t rule out the possibility that we have to cancel more,” Transavia said. It is not yet known which and how many easyJet flights will expire in July and August.

“We are now seeing the sale of air travel plummeting,” says ANVR’s Oostdam. “People avoid Schiphol and prefer to take the car. So we not only suffer damage from trips that have been canceled, but also from trips that we can’t even sell anymore.”

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