Victims report 9 tons of damage from dating fraud in first months of 2022


Victims of dating scams reported over €900,000 in damages in the first five months of this year. This emerges on Friday from figures from the Fraud Helpdesk, which is the research platform needle asked.

In a dating fraud, a scammer assumes the identity of an ideal partner to scam unsuspecting online daters. Sooner or later the scammer will ask for money. However, the victim will never see this amount again.

In the first five months of this year, 71 financial victims came forward. In total, this concerns 932,604 euros of damage.

Figures also show that victims of dating fraud have been defrauded of an average of $13,000 per person this year. Last year, the meter averaged 31,000 euros per person.

According to a Fraud Helpdesk spokesperson, this amount is highly dependent on a few major fraud cases. “Some victims are defrauded for hundreds of thousands of dollars, so the amount of damages may increase sharply this year if seriously injured victims come forward,” Mr. needle

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