USA: Bill to reduce violence through the use of firearms


The American Senate yesterday (Thursday morning Greek time) approved a bill aimed at reducing crime with the use of firearms following a series of massacres that shocked the United States, which provides for the denial of access to very specific categories of people and programs worth billions of dollars for mental health and school safety.

The bill, which was passed by 65 votes to 33 and is considered practically certain to be approved by the House of Representatives today, bears no resemblance to the measures demanded by US President Joe Biden, but is the first to address This scourge after almost three decades and is marked by a step forward by activists fighting to reduce firearms.

His approval by the federal upper house was recorded just hours after the Supreme Court – in which the vast majority of members are conservative – abolished the “restrictions” on firearms provided by New York State law.

This law, which came into force in 1913, required a firearms license, which was granted only to those who had good reason to believe that they would need to defend themselves in public, either because of their profession or because of threats they had received. If they received it, they were allowed to bring it, however hidden.

The Supreme Court ruling, which provoked outraged reactions from Democratic politicians, was announced as the United States faces rising crime in major urban centers and a horrific series of massacres, particularly in Ovalde, Texas, where a teenager slaughtered 21 people in a primary school. –19 children and two teachers–, and in Buffalo (New York), when a young racist killed 10 blacks in a supermarket, in a week or so in May.

Reacting to the passage of the bill by the Senate, President Biden expressed satisfaction, assuring that it will help protect more Americans and children in schools and calling on the lower house to approve it as soon as possible.

source: ΑΠΕ

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