Two fugitive pedophiles arrested in Ecuador, also killed there


Fugitive pedophiles Marthijn U. and Lesley L. were arrested in Ecuador on Thursday evening. The organization Free a Girl reported it on Friday, which largely contributed to the arrests. In early June, the organization was also implicated in the arrest of Nelson M. in Mexico City.

Like M., U. was convicted in the Netherlands for maintaining the banned pedo club Vereniging Martijn. This association was dissolved by the Supreme Court because its members glorified and encouraged sexual relations between adults and children.

U., 50, was sentenced to six months in prison, but fled before being detained. L. was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison in the Netherlands for having made child pornography.

Free a Girl teamed up with its American counterpart Operation Underground Railroad and Ecuadorian authorities to arrest the couple. For example, the organization handed over incriminating information about U. and L..

According to Free a Girl, men in Ecuador are suspected of sexually abusing children. They allegedly lured children into their home with promises to play video games, where the children were forced to provide sexual services in exchange for candy. The two also allegedly organized parties where children were allegedly touched or even raped, writes the organization. They would certainly have abused dozens of children.

Free a Girl founder Evelien Hölsken calls the arrests a clear message: “Even if you think you can avoid justice by hiding in villages on the other side of the world: justice will prevail. You don’t touch to children.”

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