Libya – Armed groups surround government buildings


Just a few days before the scheduled on Libya elections (December 24), everything in the oil-producing country seems to be fluid.

The militia leaders returned to active duty, and in an impressive way, as during the night from Wednesday to Thursday they sent their armed men to surround the prime minister’s office and other government buildings.

The Italian Republic It was reported that the militias involved in the above night incidents were some “Nawazis” led by the powerful Mustafa Ibrahim Gandour, and some “Gneihs” led by Abdelhani al-Kikli.

On the side of these militants was Salah Badi, a warlord who acted for months on the front lines of the conflict during the uprising against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The reason was given to the militia with the expulsion of the military commander of Tripoli, Abdelbaset Marouane.

It is noted that Prime Minister Abdelhamid Dibeba replaced the general with his counterpart, Abdelkader Khalifa, who is said to be an opponent of ISIS but of the warlord Khalifa Haftar, when the latter attacked with his army in Sirte during Sirte.

The rumors want the militiamen to have invaded the presidential palace in order to return Marouane to his old position. In fact, they tried to meet with President Mohammed al-Menfi, but he was absent on a trip abroad.

However, a military official who spoke to AFP downgraded the operation, saying the armed forces had not cordoned off key locations.

Watch videos of their action  

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