Germany: Gas storage tanks are sufficient for 2.5 months


Energy alarm for gas in Germany. The warning of the head of the German network management service.

THE Germany will be able to meet its energy needs for a period two and a half months a normal winter, if its gas storage facilities are 100% full, as stated yesterday, Thursday, the Klaus Millerthe head of the network management service.

Miller added that Europe’s largest economy needs additional suppliers and must save on gas.

“If the storage facilities in Germany are 100% full … we can handle it without any Russian gas … for just 2.5 months and then the storage tanks will be empty,” said Miller speaking on the German public television show ZDF on Maybrit Illner.

He noted that the state of gas supply is tense, but remains stable.

Energy alarm status in Germany as well

The activation of the second level, that of alarm status for gas in Germany, announced yesterday Minister of Economy Robert Hubbek. “We are in a gas crisis that has become a rare commodity. “Prices are already very high and we need to prepare for further increases.” Russia at the expense of Germany with the gradual closure of the Russian gas tap by 60% via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and the Baltic Sea.

What exactly does it mean to activate the alarm mode? Following the first level of early warning, which is basically precautionary and in which Germany has been since March 30 until this morning, Germany is now entering a more critical “level of readiness”, which is activated, among other things, when there is a real outage gas, as has been the case for days in Germany.

However, it should be noted that at this level, the market itself and not the state still regulates the terms of gas supply and demand. State intervention for the priority protection of citizens-consumers, critical government structures and, finally, businesses is foreseen only for the next, third stage of the state of emergency. This is the “worst case scenario”, from which Germany abstains as both Mr Habek and the Bonn-based regulator reassure that there is no risk of panic based on at least current stockpiles.

“As little gas consumption as possible”

However, as for the new stage, which Germany is entering today, Robert Habeck calls on gas consumers, ie companies, public organizations and private consumers, to reduce “as much as possible the consumption of natural gas”.

In simple words, the industry will have to adjust its production accordingly, but households will also have to be prepared to lower their home radiators in the near future, expecting even bigger bills at the end of the year, despite legislative initiatives and efforts by the German government. on the contrary. “From now on we have to take precautions for the coming autumn and winter,” said Robert Hubbek.

Finally, it is worth noting that the activation of the alarm status is also a necessary legal condition for the resumption of coal burning for energy production, something that is already being considered by the German government with the full support of German manufacturers. However, this is a painful task for Robert Hubbek and the Greens, given the party’s constant commitment all these years to the elimination of coal and the transition to “clean”, renewable energy sources.

Source: Deutsche Welle, ΑΠΕ – ΜΠΕ

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