Two dead as car in China rolls out of three-story showroom


In Shanghai, China, two people were killed on Wednesday after the car they were traveling in, for an unknown reason, slammed into the facade of the third floor and ended up in the street. The occupants did not survive this blow, we learned on Friday.

The incident happened at a building of NIO, a Chinese electric car maker. It is not known exactly what was on the third floor. The report alternates between a showroom and a test center. In the car were an employee of NIO and a staff member of a company partner.

The NIO said in a statement that it is cooperating with the investigation into the cause of the crash. Initially, the company was quick to claim that it was not the car itself. This caused a firestorm of criticism on Weibo, Twitter’s Chinese counterpart. The post was later edited.

NIO is a new Chinese brand founded in 2016. The first deliveries started a year later. The brand now has branches in London, Munich and San Jose, California. Sales started in Norway last year and the brand may also come to the Netherlands in the near future.

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