Metropolitan of Xanthi: “I passed the coronavirus mildly because of the vaccine – Let the Priests not get people in their throats” (vid)


His Eminence the Metropolitan of Xanthi, Mr. Panteleimon

His Excellency the Metropolitan of Xanthi, Mr. expressed his positive opinion on the vaccination. Panteleimon saying that the Priests they should not advise believers not to be vaccinated because “They get people around their necks.”

His Excellency spoke to ERT1 and said that “2 years have passed since the planet was plagued by the pandemic” and went on to talk about his own personal experience. He had contracted coronavirus while being vaccinated. As he said, the vaccine was what helped him to pass the disease mildly.

“We see cases of people who are vaccinated and sick because they are not immune to the coronavirus, but they go through it with very mild symptoms. I was one of them who got sick while I had both vaccinations. I was quarantined for 10 days but I went through it like a simple flu “ explained the Metropolitan on Public Television.

“That is why the church recommends, out of pastoral interest to the citizens, that they be vaccinated. “Because health officials tell us and I have stressed many times that in matters of health we should listen to doctors and no one else.” reported.

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