The outbreak of cases on school trips brings a proposal for postponement and three rapid tests for everyone


Teachers are requesting a postponement of school trips for Spring after the outbreak of cases currently recorded in those students who go for five days

According to the president of OLME Theodoros Tsouchlos, apart from the schools of Glyfada and Sparta, there are many more in the whole territory. Mr. Tsouchlos requests that students and teachers undergo three rapid tests, vaccinated or not, one before the trip, one during the trip and one during the return. «I understand that this will have a cost, but public health is paramount, and also if the Ministry of Education adopts our proposal, they could do rapid tests in public structures before the trip “.

The teachers consider it imperative to discuss the issue with the Minister of Education N. Kerameos immediately and to resolve it within January so that hundreds of thousands of families are not endangered.

A third point that they highlight is to strictly apply the framework for the capacity of coaches so that 40 and 50 people do not have sex, as is the case most of the time.

The announcement of OLME in detail:

“The Ministry of Education and Science, continuing its indifferent attitude for the protection of the health of students / teachers and teachers, did not take any measures to protect the educational community from the pandemic
during school trips. The school trips that took place, as predicted, during this period, brought a new explosion of cases in the school community. Indicatively, a school in Glyfada returned with 40 recorded cases, while a school in Byron was forced to return on the second day of the trip, after 30 of the 75 participating students fell ill.
The responsibilities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are once again enormous. He did not issue any instructions for the safe conduct of school trips, he did not take any measures to protect the health of students / teachers and teachers during them.

We call on the Ministry of Education to finally assume its responsibilities and take the necessary measures against the spread of the virus in all educational processes. Teachers and students are not expendable! “

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