OAED: The applications for the 2nd cycle of the employment subsidy program for the unemployed have been opened


They started today, Friday 17 December, the business applications for Second cycle action “business grant program for the employment of the unemployed, aged 30 years and above, in the Regions in transition (MET), with emphasis on women “.

Specifically, according to an announcement by OAED, the program subsidizes the recruitment of 5,000 unemployed people in the Regions of Western Macedonia, Central Greece, Ionian Islands, Peloponnese, North Aegean and Crete. Applications will be submitted, until January 17, 2022, at 15:00.

The amounts of the salary subsidy and insurance contributions for the employment of the unemployed in new full-time positions are as follows:

– 466.5 euros per month / 5,598 euros per year for the unemployed aged 30-49.

– 559.8 euros per month / 6,717.6 euros per year for the unemployed aged 50 and over.

– 606.45 euros per month / 7,277.4 euros per year for the long-term unemployed 30 years and older.

– 653.1 euros per month / 7,837.2 euros per year for the long-term unemployed aged 50 and over.

– 699.75 euros per month / 8,397 euros per year for unemployed women aged 30 and over.

The companies that are interested in participating, submit their application exclusively electronically, through the State Aid Information System of the Ministry of Development & Investment, at the address http://www.ependyseis.gr/mis. Then, the labor consultants of OAED will nominate candidates to the company, according to the category of unemployed, the specialty and the required qualifications and the company will choose among the candidates for the recruitment.

A prerequisite is that the company has not reduced its staff in the quarter before the application and has not received funding from state aid over 200,000 euros in the previous three years (current and two previous). The grant includes Christmas and Easter gifts and holiday allowances.

The program, with a total budget of 32 million euros, is co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Social Fund), through the OP. “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014-2020”.

For the Public Invitation and for more information, those interested can visit the OAED website (www.oaed.gr).


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