Russia: Foreign Ministry releases draft treaties with US and NATO on security guarantees


The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published on its official website, draft treaties, between Russia, NATO and United States, on security guarantees.

The main provisions of the first document:

  • to rule out further NATO expansion and Ukraine’s accession to the alliance;
  • not to develop additional troops and weapons outside the countries in which they were in May 1997 (before the accession of Eastern European countries to the alliance) – except in exceptional cases with the consent of Russia and NATO members
  • to abandon all NATO military activity in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, the Transcaucasia and Central Asia.
  • not to develop medium- and short-range missiles capable of hitting the other side;
  • not to conduct exercises and other operations with more than one brigade in the agreed border area, to exchange information on military exercises regularly;
  • reaffirm that the parties do not consider each other adversaries, consolidate the agreement on the peaceful settlement of all disputes and refrain from the use of force;
  • commit not to create conditions that could be perceived as a threat from the other party
  • create open lines for emergencies.

Written in Russian, English and French, whose texts are equally authentic. The agreement will enter into force on the date of the transmission of consent notifications by more than half of the signatories to the depositary.

It is also clarified that any participant can withdraw from the agreement by notifying the depositary. In this case, the contract will be terminated on an individual basis after 30 days.

Response: Achilles Patsoukas

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