USA – A two-year-old boy fatally shot his father


A tragic as well as unthinkable incident happened in Georgia, USA, when a two-year-old boy shot and killed his father with a pistol that was hidden in their house.

He died at the hospital

According to international media, the unfortunate Dustin Walters, 25 years old, was rushed to the hospital on December 5. Authorities located the man fighting to keep him alive after a phone call from a neighbor, who heard the shot and hurried to warn that something had happened.

Walters was taken to Memorial Medical Center, but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

According to the Daily Mail, the perpetrator of the murder was his two-year-old son, something that was confirmed by the Police.

“Preliminary investigation found that Walters was injured when his 2-year-old son found the pistol, hitting him,” police said.

Details of the investigation into the incident were not released until December 14, when investigators said a child was involved in the shooting.

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