Karamanlis: Patras-Pyrgos starts at the beginning of the new year


For final approval of construction of of the Patras-Pyrgos road axis from European Commission, spoke o Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Costas Karamanlis, at the Parapolitika FM radio station.

The minister announced in advance that “the project starts at the beginning of the year and will be ready by the end of 2023- beginning of 2024” while he pointed out that the road would be ready in 2019, if SYRIZA-PS does not cancel the previous tender. As he said, SYRIZA the first thing it did in 2015 was to cancel the tender, which was started by the Samaras-Venizelos government with secured funding, and to break the project into pieces and added: “This is what SYRIZA did to specifically favor business interests, Mr. Kalogritsas, who after that participated in the ridiculous competition for television licenses “.

He explained that experience had shown that the road “would never be made if it remained” broken “into eight pieces”, which is why the New Democracy government entered into negotiations “so that the road could be returned to the concessionaire in order to become cheap and fast”. and pointed out that the approval of the Commission came after a difficult negotiation, with the decisive intervention of the Prime Minister.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport also referred to the strengthening of public transport, noting that the increase of the bus fleet in Athens reached 55% and that point interventions are made daily and controls are intensified on the busiest lines, in order to make everyday life of citizens easier.

On the occasion of the controversy over the Tsiodra-Lytra study, Mr. Karamanlis spoke of “SYRIZA’s immodesty, which has invested in a toxic opposition” and added that “many SYRIZA executives, under the cover of Mr. Alexis Tsipras, are exploiting in a vulgar way the agony and the fear of the pandemic “. “I think that Mr. Tsipras is a little dizzy from the election of Mr. Androulakis”, he commented and wondered why the president of SYRIZA does not ask for elections, since he claims that the prime minister should resign. He also estimated that Al. Tsipras “was dragged into the decision to remove Kouroubli”. “And I say this because there are other MPs and executives and former ministers who have said the same and worse,” he said, adding that the president of SYRIZA has not deleted Mr. Polakis, “although he has made statements that go beyond any limit of political controversy.”


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