“Extension of the obligation only to those who burden the NSS” (vids)


What he said about the complaints of the President of POEDIN

The Minister of Health Mr. Thanos Plevris spoke to SKAI 100.3 and referring to the obligation of vaccination, said that the reason for which it was imposed on those over 60 is because this age group is more seriously ill and puts pressure on the National Health System.

He then made it clear that in case the obligation is extended, it will be extended only to those who are charged by the NSS. Speaking about the new measures, he said that he is optimistic that they will not exist due to the fact that the vaccination rate is increasing, but this measure is still under discussion.

According to the Minister, the number of adult citizens who have been vaccinated reaches 80%.

Following the announcement of the measure for those over 60 by the Prime Minister, out of the 520,000 citizens who were not vaccinated, 119,000 vaccinations have been or are planned, while 20,000 citizens have made their appointment for vaccination at home.

“It is a pity for someone to say that ICUs are being held”

Speaking about the situation prevailing in the ICU, he said that a big fight is being given, and “They can not enter a micro-partisan dimension”. He also stressed that any health professionals who could be hired by the ICU were hired.

He did not fail to mention what the President of POEDIN has said recently about VIP ICU, saying that it is unfortunate to say such things, explaining that those who decide who will be intubated are exclusively the doctors.

Regarding the fact that a Metropolitan was in Agrinio and was treated in an Athens unit while there was an ICU at the hospital, the Minister stated that a basic condition for being transferred from one hospital to another is to remain in a stable condition, which is judged by the doctors. . Regarding this case, he stated that he was informed that the other patient was not stable for transfer, something that happened after two 24 hours.

About the study of Tsiodra and Lytra, stressed that as Mr. Tsiodras himself said, he takes into account only one element, while there are others. Finally, he spoke about the Omicron mutation, saying that the fourth wave of the pandemic is slowly beginning to weaken somewhat, and for this reason the new mutation should not prevail under any circumstances.

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