Mytilene: 37-year-old was found dead in his car -3 suspects and an arrest


Three 33-year-olds were identified by the Mytilene Security Sub-Directorate as involved in a case death of 37 years old native, last night, December 13, in the greater area of ​​Agiasos in Lesvos.

The perpetrators, one of whom was arrested on a warrant from a judicial authority, face charges on a case-by-case basis for the offenses of dangerous bodily harm, fatal exposure and robbery, as well as drug law violations.

According to the police investigation, the 37-year-old met with the three 33-year-olds in order to settle their dispute related to drug dealing, specifically heroin. During the meeting, two of the perpetrators hit the 37-year-old, causing the latter to lose consciousness, while one of the three took money from his pocket and his mobile phone.

The two who hit him with the help of the third person involved in the case then transported and left the 37-year-old in his car at the place where he was located.

It is noted that the 37-year-old was found dead in his car at a point near the road network in the area of ​​Agiasos, in the mountainous central Lesvos.


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