Mertz, President of the CDU – Conservative Turn of the German Christian Democrats


THE Friedrich Mertz is the new president of the Christian Democratic Party of Germany CDU. Mertz comfortably prevailed with a percentage of 62.1% in the internal party referendum held for the election of a new president. Εis even stolen from the first round, successor to Armin Lasset, who resigned following the party’s election defeat in the September elections.

The other two candidates for the CDU presidency were limited to much lower percentages: Former Environment Minister Norbert Radgen gets 25.8% and Helge Brown, former Chancellor of Merkel, 12.1%.

In the first in-party referendum of the Christian Democratic Party for the leadership election, almost two thirds, 66.02%, of the approximately 400,000 members of the CDU voted.

Right turn of the CDU

The 66-year-old Friedrich Mertz is the 10th president of the CDU since 1948. Politics is an exponent of the CDU’s return to the conservative roots of German Christian Democracy, after the centrist turn of the party since 2000 with Angela Merkel as president and chancellor.

Mertz, a fierce orator, had been elected CDU MEP, member of the Bundestag and chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, leader of the main opposition. But resigned in 2002 after his clash with Angela Merkel and retired from politics, pursuing a professional career that brought him to the helm of BlackRock Germany.

Return after two 10 years

Friedrich Mertz returned to the political scene in 2018 and claimed the presidency of the CDU, but was defeated by Ungret Krab-Karenbauer. He was also marginally defeated by Armin Lassett in the election of CDU president in January 2021.

The CDU congress next January will ratify the result of the referendum, for Friedrich Mertz to formally assume the CDU presidency.

After a break of 20 years, he will be where he left off: Leader of the official opposition in the Bundestag.

This time he’s against the Social Democrat chancellor, Olaf Soltz, and the red-green-yellow coalition government of the Social Democrats-Greens-Liberals.

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