Mosialos: The third dose of the vaccine is a free immunity renewal time card


“Vaccination gives us an edge over the virus and the third dose is a free immunity renewal timeline. Make an appointment and be careful “, says in a new post on Facebook the professor of Health Policy Elias Mosialos of the Imperial College and the School of Economics and Political Science of London (LSE).

Referring to the arrival of the Omicron variant, which is more contagious than the Delta, he reminds us that what matters is whether the Omicron causes a more serious disease and whether we are protected by the vaccines we have already given. As he says, “we do not yet have official findings from detailed studies on the clinical picture in the unvaccinated to compare it with Delta.”

But he cites evidence from a recent study “which argues that a third dose of mRNA vaccine does not simply increase the systemic ability to respond. “Evidence shows that the third dose of the vaccine appears to enhance the response and neutralize the Omicron variant.”

The study shows that “regardless of whether the vaccines were designed to induce the production of antibodies against the spike of the original strain, the response of the antibodies after amplification is fundamentally different from before. That is, the third dose does not simply increase the level of antibodies present. “These data show that the third dose produces antibodies that neutralize variants of the original strain, such as Delta and Omicron.”

He also points out that “the mechanisms of immunity are extremely complex and have evolved in parallel with the threats to the body. Let’s just say, once again, that whether we are protected or not, it is not only the antibody titer and a static measurement that matter, but also the mechanisms that activate cellular memory. “These results are encouraging, and of course it remains to be proven by measurements in patients and carriers of Omicron”.  

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