Coronaios – Terror in Britain from 93,045 cases in one day


In just 24 hours, Britain recorded 93,045 new coronavirus cases. At the same time, the Omicron mutation jumps. From the 1,691 cases of Omicron recorded the day before, the current Omicron cases jumped to 3,201.

Experts are concerned and examining their models, they find that Omicron has already begun to dominate in various parts of the country, such as Scotland and London.

Boris Johnson and Chris Whitey

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited a vaccination center in west London. From there, he warned with statements about a big wave of Omicron coming and continued: “What Chris Whitey and I are saying is that there will be a big wave of Omicron coming. “People need to be vigilant and get vaccinated because the threat is very serious.”

For his part, the British chief physician Chris Whitey added: “This is a really serious threat at the moment. “As far as the threat is concerned, there are several things we do not know, but all the things we know are bad.”

British scientists, however, estimate that with the pace at which cases are recorded in the country, but also at the rate at which Omicron is spreading, in the coming weeks there will be many negative records that will be broken.

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