Dragasakis: Problems can not be overcome with communication tricks


The main budget contradiction we are discussing is that while acknowledging that we are in an environment of extreme uncertainty, anticipates the positive outcome of developments in their most optimistic version, said in his speech the SYRIZA MP, Giannis Dragasakis.

The first risk that the budget represents is complacency the second danger is the abandonment of large sections of society to their fate, the third threat lies in the inequality characteristics of the recovery, and the fourth threat is that the budget reproduces Mr. Dragasakis said, the old outdated, customer standards, of an unsustainable, energy-consuming and unequal “development”.

As the SYRIZA MP said, the problems can not be overcome with communication tricks that baptize the right-wing politics as “progressive”, but neither does the Social Democracy, as we have known it, have answers. We must not lose sight of the fact that a Europe of austerity and inequality is the result of the neoliberal consensus of Washington, with the active contribution of the Social Democrats, said Mr. Dragasakis and continued: The answer to the problems of our time lies in a broad progressive social and political alliance. And the main exponent of this alliance, whether some like it or not, is SYRIZA-PS. The budget, with the uncertainties and threats it contains, underlines the urgency of the necessary turn in the hope of a radical progressive change, concluded Mr. Dragasakis.

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