Panic in the US from a threatening message addressed to all students


Washington – Response Lena Argyri

Shock to parents and great upset to the authorities has caused the message that has been circulating since yesterday on a popular social networking platform and calls on students across the country to commit violent acts.

The so-called “challenge” asks students to commit acts of violence against their classmates and warns them not to go to their schools “on Friday, December 17 because there will be armed and bombing attacks.”

The message that has gone viral in the last few hours has signaled an alarm to the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Police, who with multiple announcements assure that the threat is not serious but “is taken very seriously”.

Many schools across the country closed precautionarily, while in those that remained open thousands of students chose not to go even though the security measures were very high since the morning. TikTok announced in a statement that it is cooperating with the police authorities to locate the culprits.  

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