Plevris v. SYRIZA: “You are responsible for waiting in ICU lists before a pandemic” (vids)


What the Minister of Health said to Pavlos Polakis

The Minister of Health, Mr. Thanos Plevris who said that the country has been faced with all the problems that the NSS has been facing all these years.

In fact, in a dialogue he had with Pavlos Polakis, he said in his own way that Alexis Tsipras, as Prime Minister, was also responsible for the fact that 78 patients in 2017 were waiting on a waiting list to enter the ICU.

The dialogue of Mr. Plevris with Mr. Polakis is typical:

– Plevris: January 16 and 78 patients are waiting on a list to enter the ICU. What do you say; Is the prime minister responsible?

– Polakis: Yes. Whoever rules is responsible

– Plevris: Indeed. I am referring to the 17th of January 2017

Mr. Plevris accused the official opposition, saying that “You are responsible for the ICU waiting lists and lists in the pre-pandemic period and you criticize us when countries with a better system than ours forced to make deliveries abroad but no one blames them for that “.

According to Mr. Plevris, what emerges from the Tsiodra-Lytra study is that vaccinations should be strengthened. Typically he said that “580,000 of our fellow citizens over 60 were not vaccinated! We made it mandatory. 119,000 have already scheduled appointments and how many others have a home date! We estimate that 140,000 will be vaccinated. ”

Regarding the study in question he said that “I looked in the protocols of the ministry if the specific study has come. I did not find her. There is no such study. “But what I want to say is that the prime minister’s report is related to the special beds outside the ICU, which are not simple beds.”

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