Omicron – Alarm situation in France – Macron cancels trip, changes health card


The French government announced today the tightening of access conditions with the health pass, in order to deal with the Omicron variant, “which will become dominant from the beginning of 2022”.

The announcement came after a meeting of the health defense council convened to consider measures ahead of the fifth wave of Covid-19 and the highly contagious Omicron variant.

Rapid spread

The Omicron variant, whose dispersion rate is “rapidly around us in Europe”, “will spread very quickly to the point where it will become dominant by the beginning of 2022” in France, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced.

Therefore, the health pass will be converted at the beginning of the year into a “vaccination pass”, which can only be activated if the holder has been fully vaccinated (or has recovered from Covid) and has received a booster dose and not now with a simple negative test.


“From now on, only vaccination will be valid in the fold,” he said after a meeting of the health council.

Demonstration of the health pass is requested, among others, in restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment venues, museums.

A bill is coming

The measure will be the subject of a bill that will be presented to the French National Assembly in early January, which will also include the desire to “tighten the conditions of control and sanctions against counterfeit passages,” said Jean Castex.

“It is no longer acceptable for some millions of French people to refuse to be vaccinated would endanger the life of an entire country,” he said.

Macron cancels trip

Emanuel Macron today canceled a trip to Mali to meet with the interim president and celebrate Christmas with French troops over the Covid-19 crisis, the French presidency has announced.

“This decision was taken for reasons of consistency between the measures announced at national level and the president’s international agenda, and with the concern that our military might not be exposed at a time of deteriorating health in metropolitan France,” the Elysee said.

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