Italy: 28,632 coronavirus cases, 120 deaths in the last 24 hours


Today, 28,632 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Italy and 120 people lost their lives.

In total, 669,160 diagnostic tests were performed, 4.2% of which were positive.

923 patients with Covid-19 are being treated in the intensive care units of the country, while 7,520 patients are being treated in the hospital wards.

Meanwhile, the special commissioner in charge of the vaccination campaign, General Francesco Filiuolo, urged the Italians to behave responsibly throughout the holidays, despite the fact that “at Christmas and New Year we are used to buying gifts and meeting a lot of people. “.

“Italy is an example for many other countries. The international press recognizes our successful response to the pandemic,” added Gianni Retsa, head of prevention at the Rome Ministry of Health.

Retsa also called on his compatriots to avoid the crowds and hurry to get the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine.  

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