Bad Carmel weather: Which roads are closed in Attica – Snow over 300 meters altitude


The bad weather that affects most of our country today is in progress since Friday night, as there have already been rains and snowfall in Northeastern Greece and the winds are constantly increasing. THE

A sharp drop in temperature brought by the invasion of polar gas masses from the north, will be accompanied by strong rainfall in places in the eastern and southern island country, snowfall at low altitudes, stormy winds and strong frost, according to estimates by the National Observatory of Athens.

Today the snowfalls in the central and northern parts will be mostly weak, although they will occur even in lowland areas, but in Central Greece and in the mountains of the Peloponnese they will be at times dense. High levels of precipitation (rain and snow) are expected in Evia, Eastern Boeotia, the northern parts of Attica and Crete. Thunderstorms will occur in the coastal areas of the Central and South Aegean and locally will produce light hail.

Especially for Attica, the snowfall will be limited to over 300 meters altitude in the western and northern parts of the prefecture, while in the other areas there will be rainfall. In the afternoon, the effects will be located mainly around the mountains and in the other areas the weather will improve. In the Northern Suburbs there will be snowfall or sleet up to 300 meters altitude, with snowfall over 400-500 meters altitude.

Closed roads in Attica

It has been snowing in the north of the prefecture of Attica since the morning. In particular, at this time, according to what Forecast Weather Greece records, a snowstorm is hitting the areas of Vilia, Ippokratio Politia, Parnitha, Parnassos and Steni Evia.

Due to the snowfall, there is a traffic stop at the end of Fili Street at the height of the Holy Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and in the stream to Dervenochoria.

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