Antonio Guterres: We need more effective international cooperation on immigration


The need for more effective international cooperation and a more compassionate approach to migration, he proposes in his message on the occasion of International Migrants Day – December 18 UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

“This means human border management, full respect for the human rights and humanitarian needs of all and ensuring that Immigrants included in national plans vaccination for COVID-19. It means recognizing – for both migrants and host countries – the value of regular access roads. “It also means tackling the root causes of migration, such as deep inequalities and tackling trafficking in human beings.” Antonio Guterres.

On the significance of this year’s International Day of Immigrants, its Secretary-General UN stresses that “we recognize the contribution of migrants to the fights being waged, including against the COVID-19 pandemic” and called on “to reaffirm our commitment to safe and dignified migration”.

Outlining the current situation, Antonio Guterres points out that immigrants continue to face widespread stigma, inequality, xenophobia and racism. “Immigrants face a higher risk of transgender violence and have fewer options to seek support. “With the borders closed, many migrants find themselves without income or housing, without the ability to return home, separated from their families and with an uncertain future,” he added.

He also made special reference to their contribution to tackling the coronavirus, noting that immigrants have enriched societies everywhere and are often at the forefront of tackling the pandemic as scientists, health professionals and essential workers.

In this context, it announces that the International Migration Assessment Forum next year will evaluate the progress made in implementing the Global Compact on Safe, Normal and Regular Migration. It is, he explains, “an opportunity to step up our efforts to ensure the full participation of migrants as we strive to build a more resilient, just and sustainable societies” and welcomes the United Nations Migration Network’s campaign. strengthening the Pact and encouraging Member States to participate. “Solidarity with immigrants has never been a more urgent issue.”

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