The situation is better than the snowfall in Central Greece


They retreat τα problems which were created throughout the Central Greece from today snowfall.

The traffic from Lamia to Domokos and from Lamia to Karpenisi has already been fully restored as they needed snow machines to throw salt and restore the traffic which in the morning needed the use of anti-skid chains. However, the machines remain on alert, especially in villages of Evritania and Western Fthiotida, despite the recession of weather phenomena.

According to a relevant announcement of the Police, a total of 8 points are still considered critical as the use of anti-skid chains is needed. More specifically the points are:

In Boeotia:

  • On the Provincial Road Arachova – Eptalofou, from the 1st km to the 16th km / h, as well as from the Intersection of Skamnos (14th km of the Provincial Road Arachova – Eptalofou) to the Parnassos Ski Center (Kelaria location).
  • On the Provincial Road Kyriaki – Analipseos.
  • In Evia:
  • In the Provincial Road of Steni – Stropon, of the Municipality of Dirfion – Messapia.
  • On the Provincial Road of Kontodespoti – Agia Sofia, of the Municipality of Dirfion – Messapia.
  • In the Provincial Road Kokkinomilias – Pappadon, of the Municipality of Istiaia – Edipsos.
  • In Evritania:
  • On the Provincial Road Karpenisi – Fournas – Karditsa, from the 12th km (position Vrachos) to the borders with the Prefecture of Karditsa (position Zacharaki).
  • On the Provincial Road Karpenisi – Krikellou – Domnista, from the 12th x / th to the 25th x / th.
  • On the Provincial Road Karpenisi – Prousos – Agrinio, from the 35th km / h to the 45th km / h (Arapokefala location).

Until the morning hours, people and machines of the crews were fighting with the snow to keep the road Lamia – Domokou and Lamia Karpenisi open open, where from time to time we had heavy snowfall. The snow at night reached 3 km north of the city of Lamia and tons of salt fell to overcome the frost and to continue the traffic without interruption. The snowy morning covered the white villages of many areas of Ypati, Pavliani and Western Fthiotida, but without substantial problems.


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