A woman on TikTok exchanged a hairpin for a house


Imagine if you could buy a house with a hairpin. This is exactly what Demi Skipper achieved by exchanging items on TikTok. The 30-year-old woman from San Francisco started it Trade Me Project in May 2020 and in the process exchanged various items, such as one pair of earrings, an iPhone and three tractors. Today, Skipper owns a home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Inspired by Kyle MacDonald, who exchanged a red paper clip for a home during a series of online exchanges in 2006, Skipper traded the hairpin for a pair of cheap earrings. He exchanged the earrings for four glasses and then with a vacuum cleaner.

He found the items on sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Along the way, Skipper uploaded a series of videos to TikTok and Instagram where she explained how her ultimate goal was to exchange objects for a house. This was followed by a vacuum cleaner, a snowboard, a pair of headphones, a laptop and a camera. He then traded several pairs of Nike sneakers before getting an iPhone and then a car Dodge Caravan 2008. Skipper then exchanged it for a Mini Cooper and a few weeks later, a necklace that was worth much less than the $ 20,000 she had estimated.

After two weeks of searching, Skipper exchanged the necklace with a gym bike $ 1,800. The bike was “turned” into a Mustang and a tiny wooden hut in the forest. Skipper then exchanged them for a Honda CRV, three tractors and a Chipotle store card that gave her the right to eat for free for one year.

The woman managed to exchange the card with a caravan of value $ 40,000 and then with a Tesla Powerwall, to reach its final goal. Her own house in Nashville.

More from five million people have watched her journey on social media. Next January, Skipper and her husband plan to move from California to Tennessee to renovate their new home.


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