Italy: An unaccompanied infant crossed the Mediterranean with 70 other people


One unaccompanied infant one year, which his parents had sent him to attempt the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean, arrived safe and sound on the island Lampedusa, according to the Italian media.

The baby, perhaps less than a year old, was rescued by rescue crews along with about 70 other migrants aboard the boat, which arrived off the coast of Sicily yesterday, according to a Repubblica article.

“He crossed the Mediterranean before he even learned to walk. He defied the waves on his own,” the statement added, noting that the baby “is too small to allow his name and story to be made public.”

The other migrants did not know the child’s identity, but his parents had asked them to take care of the child’s safety during the trip, perhaps because they could not board with him, according to the report.

The same report states that about 500 migrants arrived by seven different boats in Lampedusa in the last two days.

According to the UN International Organization for Migration, about 1,340 people have lost their lives since the beginning of the year trying to cross the Mediterranean.

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