The hard lockdown in the Netherlands will start tomorrow – It will last until January 14


The aim is to reduce the rapid increase in cases with the Omicron mutation

In hard mode lockdown The Netherlands will enter at 5 on Sunday morning, after the rapid increase of cases. The quarantine is expected to be announced by the Prime Minister on Saturday night Mark Rutte, while it will last at least until January 14th.

According to the Dutch media, the Council of Ministers took this decision by adopting the recommendation of the competent committee of the scientists, to prevent a new case explosion that will create the Omicron mutation.

The recommendation concerns the closure of all sectors, except the necessary stores, such as supermarkets and pharmacies. There will also be an impact on all hospitality businesses, non-essential shops, museums, amusement parks, cinemas, theaters, gyms and close non-medical business contacts.

“Padlock” will enter high schools and academic institutions, while the primary schools have already been closed since December 17, without their expected reopening until Monday, January 17.

At the same time, restrictions will be introduced on external crowds, up to two people from different households., while there will be a recommendation to the residents not to accept visits persons belonging to more than two households per day.

There will be an exception for December 25 and 26 (Christmas day and the day after) where up to four guests will be allowed in each house. There will be no exception for the New Year and the eve.

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