EBEP: The energy situation will not change substantially in 2022


“Any possible easing of charges on electricity and gas prices is welcome, as the main goal is to preserve the growth rate of the Greek economy, by supporting the production and purchasing power of households to maintain the consumer trend.” . This is noted in his statements by the president of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vassilis Korkidis, on the occasion of the budget vote and the announcement of the additional measures.

As Mr. Korkidis stated: “Any possible easing of charges on electricity and gas prices is welcome, as the main goal is to preserve the growth rate of the Greek economy, by supporting the production and purchasing power of households. to maintain the consumer trend. It is obvious that the market that experienced the pressure of the pandemic waves is “thirsty” for supportive measures, but in the context of the fiscal space that has been created thanks to the flexibility and the provision of the government in a particularly difficult period. Additional state aid for cuts in electricity prices and gas discounts, in addition to the thousands of households and farmers, will help businesses struggling to survive, while maintaining a respectable number of jobs. Positions that with their earnings maintain mobility in the economy and therefore in the market. In fact, given the geometric increase in the cost of electricity production, but also the price of supply to the gas market, it is recalled that EBEP has been in favor of accelerating the necessary reforms affecting the energy field, but also the general use of renewable energy sources. Greece is a country endowed with great annual sunshine, winds, but also seas, where their ripples can be used for cheap electricity, to help and improve living standards in the future by reducing much of the inelastic costs of households and businesses. “Dealing with energy precision, as there is no Community support, requires a national effort.”

The Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry points out in an announcement that the announcements of the three measures for dealing with energy accuracy by Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis in Parliament, in the context of the voting of the state budget of 2022, may not cover all business needs. , but show foresight in the face of a difficult winter and determination as opposed to the reluctance of the EU-27. He also noted that the Prime Minister referred to the necessary new measures and the recent EU Summit for 2021, where the energy crisis was again high on the agenda of European leaders after the launch of gas and electricity prices in all European countries. The three additional measures that concern consumers and businesses are:

* Additional increase of state aid in electricity tariffs for the month of December, and respectively in the social tariffs for the vulnerable households,

* Increase of 40% discount on gas bills for the month of December,

* Coverage of most of the burden from the adjustment clause in agricultural energy tariffs.

The announcement of the chamber underlines that, at least Greece, with the new measures, shows reflexes in the intense concern for the ongoing energy crisis, which exists in all European countries, making as much as possible an effort of timely and dynamic management in the face of the unclear landscape for the new Year.

In fact, according to the chamber, in a period of pressure from the “double crisis” of the pandemic-inflation, everything shows that the energy situation will not change substantially in 2022, as discussions in the EU continue, but without moving towards mitigation. North-South disputes over how to deal with them, nor to provide for coordinated Community direct action.

It notes, moreover, that European leaders did not take decisions and limited themselves to exchanging views on the Commission’s package of measures for gas market reform, the proposal to jointly purchase strategic oil stocks on a voluntary basis and the proposals for its reform. electricity market by changing the pricing model so that it does not depend so much on expensive gas units.


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