“Tests are the only salvation to move on holidays”


Matina Pagoni spoke about the Omicron mutation and how it affects us during the holidays

Speaking to Alpha, the president of the Athens-Piraeus Hospital Doctors Association said that the new coronavirus variant is about 70 times more contagious than Delta. but how good it is for everyone to do a rapid test before the “gatherings” of the holidays, even if it is not required.

70 times more contagious than the Delta, the Omicron mutation

“The Omicron mutation is about 70 times more contagious than the Delta mutation, but the symptoms appear to be mild. We do not have many hospitalizations. This is very positive. There must be a lot of attention in our country where there is a lot of mobility these days. “The cases of Omicron in our country are few, but in the next two months it will dominate and we will have to manage it.”, he initially stated.

He then stated: “That’s why these days, the contacts we have are good to be careful. Without imposing measures on us, it is good to do a rapid test. This way there will be security for us, but also respect for the families we will visit during the holidays. These are difficult days to come.

“The only salvation for us to be able to move is the tests so that we can move and feel that these are different days from the previous ones.”

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