Counterfeit vaccination certificates – European cryptocurrency market – Apocalyptic dialogues


The factory with the fake vaccination certificates is evolving into an international company. The incidents do not only concern our country. Recently, a circuit that circulated fake certificates was located in France and its tentacles reached as far as Greece.

The search for fake certificates is done through the internet and with the appropriate amount one can obtain the coveted document that will allow him to circulate freely.

Indicative is the case of a Greek who speaks to ERT and conveys the experience of bargaining for a fake certificate with a Frenchman who declared himself a doctor.

Apocalyptic dialogues

“There I came in contact with speaking English and only with a French doctor.

– Was he introduced to you as a doctor?

-As a doctor, yes, who could provide me with a certificate for 200 euros which would be compatible for Greece. European Vaccine Certificate “.

The circuit made two million euros

The network in France had made about 10,000 health digital passports and by selling them on the black market, it put in the pocket the amount of two million euros.

ERT brings to light revealing dialogues between alleged doctors and anti-vaccine seekers who are eagerly looking for vaccine-free certificates. The first approach is made through social media and then customers are guided to other platforms.

Dialogue on a social networking platform

Client: I’m interested in buying a vaccination certificate

Circuit Member: Okay, we ask for 200 euros for the certificate and the QR code

Customer: Is it available for Greece?

Circuit Member: Yes

Customer: Will I have a problem when my QR Code is checked in Greece?

Circuit Member: Not everything will be fine

Customer: Okay, what is the process?

Circuit Member: You will have to pay, then send us your personal details and start the process

Customer: How can I pay you?

Circuit Member: We accept payments in Bitcoin

The client sends name, date of birth and gender. Payment can only be made electronically with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

The “Guardians” continue their action

In Greece, there are many incidents with the so-called “Guardians of the Constitution” who carry out violent actions against citizens. According to police, these circuits are related to far-right and fascist groups that are trying to take advantage of the pandemic situation in order to gain an audience.

After the incident with the abduction of the high school principal in Aeginio, we had the invasion of a “guardian” in KEP in Thessaloniki. The man was furious and threatened the employees that he would accuse them of treason. The incident provoked the intervention of the prosecutor.

At the same time, she complains that she was attacked by the president of the Medical Association of Patras and vice-president of the Panhellenic Medical Association, Anna Mastorakou. According to her, 15 people threatened her and called her a murderer during an information event about the vaccination.

On Monday, Ms. Mastorakou will inform the Prosecutor’s Office, asking them to do the right thing.  

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