Germany: 29,348 new cases of infection – Five-day quarantine for unvaccinated travelers from France, Denmark & ​​Norway


How many cases – How many died – What is changing from today

According to the Robert Koch Institute, Germany recorded 29,348 new cases of infection by COVID-19, with the total number of infections having increased to 6,739,536 cases.

They also mentioned 180 new deaths, with the total number of deaths from the pandemic having reached 108,233 deaths.

It is recalled that Germany imposes from today five-day quarantine to unvaccinated travelers arriving from France, Denmark, Norway, Lebanon and Andorra.

Germany, already plagued by a significant increase in COVID-19 infections, needs to start preparing for a new “mass wave” associated with the rapid spread of the variant Ομικρον, stressed the Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach.

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