Indonesia: New eruption of Semero volcano on the island of Java


The Semeru volcano on the Indonesian island of Java erupted early Sunday, spewing a column of ash two kilometers high, with authorities warning people to stay away from the active radius of the volcano eruption.

Earlier in the month, an eruption in Semerro, the highest mountain in Java, sent clouds of ash and rocket-propelled grenades, killing at least 46 people.

As a result of this explosion, several people remain missing, while thousands of residents of the surrounding areas, were forced to flee their homes ( off-guard-volcano-disaster-2021-12-10).

The eruption, which erupted early Sunday morning, caused dense white and gray ash clouds, according to the Indonesia Science Center (PVMBG).

The same center, warned the residents of the surrounding areas to stop their activities at a distance of five kilometers around the center of the volcano eruption and to maintain a distance of 500 meters from the lava flows, avoiding the associated dangers.

According to the PVMBG, any activities within a radius of 13 kilometers southeast of the center of the volcanic eruption must also be avoided.

With 142 volcanoes, Indonesia has the largest population in the world living close to volcanoes, including a population of 8.6 million living within a 10 km radius of volcanoes.

source: ΑΠΕ

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