Patras: Negatives attacked the vice president of the Panhellenic Medical Association


SKAI TV hosted the vice-president of the Panhellenic Medical Association, Mr. Mastorakou, who spoke about the attack she received from coronavirus deniers.

«Indeed, at the end of the day we went down with the Deputy Regional Minister of Health. They did not want anyone but me to show them this document, which I refused to receive and said that they should duly send it to the Medical Association for examination.

“They replied that not only I have the right to speak publicly, but also they, and when I left, they called me a murderer and accused me of poisoning their children.” said Mrs. Mastorakou.

Mrs. Mastorakou stressed that he will now move on prosecution in order to explore incident and team action vaccines.

In fact, Mrs. Mastorakou stressed that the leader of this group is the former chairman of Medical Association of Patras

«This group has been trying for a long time to blame the vaccine and convince people that post-vaccine health events are its side effects, trying to spread the rumor that double-vaccinated people who are in the hospital are dying, but this is not the case.ι », he pointed out.

«Tomorrow I will appeal to the prosecutor to record the incident and ask for a preliminary examination to investigate who this group is and to prove before justice what they say, which is unacceptable.“, He commented.

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