JOKER: 1.3 million euros and stars that bring gifts to online players


The amount of 1.3 million euros that the jackpot distributes today, as well as rich prizes in the weekly draw of the JOKER Stars, are claimed by the JOKER players who submit their tickets online.

The weekly draws of the JOKER Stars reward program will last until January 16. Until then, those who register and submit their tickets at or the tzoker app collect stars and win Christmas presents every week. In addition, they claim a super prize in the big draw that will take place on January 17. The more stars you collect the more entries you have in the weekly draws.

The same applies as for the JOKER Stars. Players can learn more by entering and the JOKER application.

Online participation from computer, mobile or tablet

Tonight the JOKER draw for the 1.3 million euros will take place at 22:00. Players can submit their tickets until 21:30, with the possibility of online participation in the draw.

From a computer, mobile phone or tablet, they enter his account at or the tzoker app, select numbers, fill in columns and submit their card, which they receive by confirmation email.

At and the JOKER application, registered players can watch the game draws live, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  

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