Britain – Brexit minister hastens resignation


The resignation of the Minister in charge of Brexit, David Frost in Britain had been announced since yesterday, although it was secret, while, according to new information, the British politician hastened the procedures.

According to British media, the minister had submitted his resignation a week ago, but was persuaded to remain in office until January. However, he allegedly hastened his resignation with a letter to the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, where among the reasons he cites are the government’s policy to deal with the pandemic, the high taxation and the high cost of the “green” policy.

Another “hit” for Johnson

The resignation of his minister is another blow to Boris Johnson, after the vote against the pandemic by 100 conservative MPs and the heavy defeat of the ruling party in the by-elections in a traditional stronghold of almost 200 years in the middle of the scandal for last year ‘s Christmas party on Downing Street during quarantine.

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