OASA itineraries are being strengthened today due to festive store hours


The OASA group is stepping up the support of metro, bus and trolleybus routes during the opening hours of the commercial stores during the festive period, aiming at the best service of the passenger public, proving “its practical support, not only to the passengers, but also to the commercial world of Athens.” ».

In particular, today and during the opening hours of commercial stores, the OASA will proceed with emergency support of 33 bus lines and 6 trolley lines. Respectively, the metro routes will be enhanced depending on the passenger traffic with special trains, while the frequency at peak hours on lines 2 & 3 will be extended until 19:00.

Information on the emergency support of itineraries is currently provided on the OASA website (www.oasa.gr).

source: ΑΠΕ

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