Windows 11: How to install them on an incompatible computer (vid)


Much has been heard from Microsoft about the compatibility of Windows 11 with older computers, which itself issued instructions to bypass.

Can our lives be made easier than getting involved in Windows registry to bypass its invalidity Microsoft;

Yes, much more can be done easy and much safer. The only thing that will need is to follow the 1st step which is also the only..

To install them Windows 11 on an incompatible PC we need to download the open source program Universal Media Creation Tool.

We will do it later decompression on the desktop and we will run like Administrators the MediaCreationTool.bat.

Then we give the necessary rights and he asks us to choose how we want them install, after choosing what we want (we recommend it Auto SetUp) we choose the 11 (is Windows) and we enjoy legally overcoming the restrictions.

Watch videos from a well-known σαιτ with computers for detailed instructions:

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