The Omicron mutation brings new demonstrations


New protests against pandemic measures – which continue due to the Omicron mutation – are expected over the weekend in Germany, with the largest in Hamburg. According to the Welt, “for a long time, vaccinators and skeptics of the pandemic took to the streets of Hamburg (…) This time it is mandatory to use a mask for the protesters. “According to the police, increased security forces will be on alert to bring the situation under control.”

The slogans in the demonstrations and counter-demonstrations in Hamburg are interesting. As Welt observes: “The organizers of the anti-vaccination campaign with the motto ‘The glass overflowed – Down with our children’ expect the participation of 8,000 protesters (…) According to the police, three counter-demonstrations are expected from the Left Front with about 1,000 protesters and the slogan ‘Class struggle instead of Querdenker (ss: literally means’ those who think against the current ΄but the term is also used for those who deny the coronavirus) “. It should be noted that in similar smaller demonstrations in Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, there were clashes between anti-vaccinators and the police and arrests. A demonstration against the measures, which was scheduled for Saturday in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, was canceled by the local authorities after intense consultations.

source: ΑΠΕ

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