Themistocleous: From Tuesday the issuance of certificates for vaccinated abroad


As of next Tuesday, those citizens who have taken two doses of the coronavirus vaccine abroad and another dose in Greece will be able to register and issue a vaccination certificate through the KEP, said today to SKAI 100.3 the general secretary of Primary Health Care, Health Care.

However, for those who have been fully vaccinated abroad, they will not issue a Greek vaccination certificate, but a digital platform will be launched in the near future so that they will not be fined from January 16th.

He reiterated that from January 5, many new appointments will be opened for children and clarified that based on the decision of the National Vaccination Committee, young children will not take a third dose.

Asked about the possibility of a fourth dose in adults, he said that the Commission is not discussing such a thing, but with an asterisk, which has to do with the Omicron mutation and its evolution. In fact, Mr. Themistocleous noted that in 3 to 4 weeks we will know more about the new mutation.

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