France – Government makes it easier for citizens to take their mother’s surname when they grow up


France will make it easier for citizens to take their mother’s surname when they grow up, Justice Minister Eric Dipon-Moretti said today.

He said the government would support a bill proposed by ruling LREM lawmaker Patrick Vinial to allow children as young as 18 to easily change their last name through a simple procedure at the local town hall.

French citizens will be able to keep their father’s surname, take their mother’s surname or both surnames in any order they wish.

French citizens are already allowed to change their last name, but it is a long and difficult process that requires them to prove to the Ministry of Justice that there is a good reason for doing so.

“No one should reveal to the state his personal reasons for changing his last name,” Deepon-Moretti wrote on Twitter.

The relevant vote on the bill is expected in the coming weeks.

In an interview with Elle magazine, the minister said the new legislation would make it easier for those citizens to change their last name to those raised by unmarried mothers or two fathers or two mothers.

“It will be a law that promotes equality between parents and freedom for all French citizens,” he told the magazine.

In addition, the law will be a solution for those who want to change their last name due to their traumatic experiences, such as incest or violence from father to mother or children.

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