The 1st case of Omicron was detected


Iran has confirmed the first case of coronavirus due to the Omicron variant, the Ministry of Health announced today, while the authorities called on the Iranians to be vaccinated with the 3rd dose in this worst-hit country in the Middle East

THE Undersecretary of Health of Iran Kamal Heydari told state television that the person infected with the virus was a middle-aged Iranian who had recently returned to his country from United Arab Emirates.

The necessary measures have been taken to quarantine this person, who lives in Tehran and those who came in contact with him. This is the first case of the Omicron variant to be found in Iran“, Said the Undersecretary.

Deaths from its complications covid19 in the country have reached them 131.084, announced the Ministry of Health, while the cases the last 24 hours increased by 1.968 and they arrived τα 6.170.979.

More from 50 million Iranians from about85 million inhabitants have been vaccinated with the 2 doses of the anti-coronavirus preparation.

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