Ambassador Qatar: Strategic relations with Greece to be strengthened in the future


With special brilliance, in an event organized by embassy of Qatar in Hellas, the national day of Qatar was celebrated in Athens. The Ambassador of Qatar, Waleed bin Mohammed Al-Emadi, welcomed the guests in a central hotel in Athens and celebrated the national day of his country with them. The event began with the rebuttal of the national anthems of Greece and Qatar and continued with the greeting of the Qatari ambassador and the reception given by the Qatari embassy in our country.

At the beginning of his speech, the Ambassador of Qatar expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the government and people of Greece, “for the warm welcome and hospitality from the first day I arrived in this great country.” He made special reference to Qatar’s relations with Greece, expressing the hope that “strategic bilateral relations will be strengthened in the future, as this can only mean greater success and that the Qatar-Greece alliance ensures a better future for both our peoples.” ». He noted that “since 2007, when Qatar began to have diplomatic ties with Greece, we have seen bilateral relations flourish” and added that “today we renew the ties of fruitful cooperation that brings friendship between our two countries and benefits our citizens. ».

He also expressed his appreciation for “Greece’s interest in friendship with the Arab world, for its numerous initiatives and for its support in other initiatives for peace in the region and the avoidance of conflict.”

He then highlighted the symbolism of this year’s celebrations. We celebrate this National Day in 2021 with the slogan “Ancestral meadows: A matter of trust”, which reflects the close relationship of Qataris with their environment, where they grew up and were influenced by its characteristics to shape and strengthen their identity. “while its simplicity overwhelms morality, humility, common sense, words and politics in order to create a fertile ground for the internal and external relations of their country,” he said at the beginning of the message.

Focusing on Qatar’s foreign policy, he said that its principles are based on the foundations of peace, security, stability, cooperation and friendship between all countries. On this basis, he stressed, Qatar reaffirmed its support for a peaceful resolution of the conflict, through mediation between all friendly countries.

Concluding his speech, he thanked all the guests who gave the “present” at the reception and pledged to fight for peace and prosperity of the two peoples, for a bright future of Qatar-Greece friendship. “

The event for the national holiday of Qatar was attended by, among others, the Ministers of Justice Costas Tsiaras and Immigration Notis Mitarakis, the Deputy Minister of Health Mina Gaga, the Undersecretaries of State for Economic Diplomacy Lefteris Avgenakis, journalists, businessmen, heads of diplomatic missions, Directors of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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